Expo à Paris : Phare, La Lumière des Arts

Vous êtes à Paris au mois de mai ? Du 4 au 26 mai, ne manquez pas l’exposition Phare, La Lumière des Arts, par les artistes diplômés de l’Ecole des Arts Visuels de Phare Ponleu Selpak… Chacun d’entre eux raconte sa propre histoire, suit ses inspirations et exprime ses révoltes, ses joies et ses peines par […]

Student Stories: Sin Thoukna from Animation

A vocational training at our Visual and Applied Arts School (VAAS) gives Cambodian youth an education in animation, graphic design, or fine art. But what kind of impact does this have on their lives? To find out, we decided to sit down with one of our recent graduates, Sin Thoukna, who has an incredible story […]

The Movement That Is Transforming Lives Around The World

For nearly 25 years, Phare Ponleu Selpak has been using the arts to transform the lives of children. Originally, we helped refugee children cope with trauma through drawing. Over the years, we added more arts, including music, dance, and circus. Now, we’re part of the Asian Social Circus Association, a network that spans the globe […]

3D Animation Comes to Phare

In 2013, our Visual Art School created its vocational training program, which includes a focus on Animation for interested students. But until now, those students could only study 2D animation with our curriculum. But that changed this March. Thanks to a visit from animator Mr. Dara Sydavid, we were able to host our first 3D […]

Flying Circus Academy Comes to Town

Campus is alive this month with sounds and music, circus, and many different languages. The sounds of drummers playing Brazilian inspired beats echo across the campus. Inside the circus school, artists from around the world are practicing in the sky and on the ground. This can only mean one thing: our Flying Circus Academy is […]

Student Stories: Bor Hak from Animation

Remember your life at 12 years old? Days spent at school, playing sports in the afternoon, complaining about homework. Not everyone has it so easy. In Cambodia, young children are often trafficked to Thailand for work, illegal and without protections. But thanks to NGO’s like Phare Ponleu Selpak and our partners, some children are able […]

Modern Superwoman: Meet Kimleng Tiv

Meet Kimleng Tiv, former student and now our workshop and events coordinator; and a super woman. Born and raised in Battambang, Kimleng loves working for Phare and has a message to empower girls in Cambodia: “Don’t be afraid to be different.” Kimleng started working with her first NGO back when she was still in high […]