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KHUON Det, Knight of Arts and Literature

KHUON Det, Knight of Arts and Literature
KHUON Det, Knight of Arts and Literature

KHUON Det, one of the founders of Phare Ponleu Selpak, and Director of the NGO’s Performing Arts School, received the prestigious title of “Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature” on November the 14th, 2017, awarded by the French Ministry of Culture.

This order was created by André Malraux in 1957 and is one of the four most prestigious French recognitions to date. It awards people who have made outstanding contributions to the development and brightness of arts and literature in France and around the world.

The gala ceremony of KHUON Det’s recognition took place at the French Embassy of Cambodia, and was chaired by Mrs. Eva Nguyen Binh, the Ambassador of France in Cambodia. One of the distinguished guests was Mrs. Geneviève Von Rossum, Special Representative for Bioethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. Both of them warmly thank Mr. Khuon Det for his involvement for the revival of arts in Cambodia and his tireless work to improve the lives of the young people and the whole Cambodian community.

“This achievement is not only mine but also the achievement of the entire Phare family and the community we have been serving, especially Phare Ponleu Selpak’s founders that have worked hard in rejuvenating the arts and culture for social change and improving lives! The community we serve with Arts education has always been the motivating factor behind our achievement. Without them, Phare would not exist and my pursuit to use Arts and Culture for social change would not happen.”
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