Meet our budding artists, who are studying both at the Phare Public School and our Performing Arts School! Thanks to our sponsorship program, they can enjoy free education and lots of creative activities on our campus.

Statements from Sovann, 13 years old, circus student and grade 5

“I am living with my dad and my grandmother in a village near Phare. My mother passed away. I started circus training 3 years ago and I found it really difficult at first… but I continied practicing and I would like to perform and teach acrobatics one day. I am also having a lot of fun learning diabolo and juggling! My dad never saw me practicing here because he is working a lot, but he is really supportive.”

Statements from Samnorb, 14 years old, circus student and grade 6

I live in a big family with 5 siblings, the school is quite far from home and we have to come by foot. Sometimes I have to help my mum who is cooking breakfast meals and sells them in the street. But she is happy that I can study here. I also like it because I have a lot of friends! I spend 2 hours a day of balancing act practice and I started to learn hip hop dancing. When I grow older, my dream is to perform in foreign countries like France.”

Statements from Sokborolin, 16 years old, theater student and grade 8

“I am from the surrounding Ochar village where I live with 2 siblings and my parents, who are cook and tuk tuk driver. I have been studying theater for 4 years, after I have been introduced to my first class by friends. Although my parents thought it was not a useful skill, they said “wait and see…!” Today I really love it and I want to do it professionally. I do a lot of exercise, acting classes but I am also practicing circus, music and traditional dance. There are so many activities to do here!”

These statements are the stories of just a few of many young, talented, and enthusiastic students at Phare. These students and others like them rely on our collective child sponsorship program in order to receive the quality educational resources offered at Phare. 

Ready to get involved in changing lives through the arts? Join Phare Ponleu Selpak’s collective child sponsorship and see how your contribution provides a world of opportunity to Cambodia’s youth.