Before joining Phare Ponleu Selpak, I had a successful career as a dancer, collaborating with great creators such as Maurice Béjart and Jiri Kylian. However, very quickly, I felt the desire to give others the same chances I had, of experiencing the stage and blossoming though artistic practice.

As soon as I stepped on Battambang’s campus, in April 2008, I felt how much this place of inclusive education was an antidote to monotony, precariousness and conformism. The young people could let off steam, express themselves, laugh, help each other, improve, push out their boundaries and create. The combination between local development project, international collaborations and ambitious vision was perfect.

I spent 8 years on the field first nurturing the talent of the emerging artists, then setting up a social enterprise creating hundreds of permanent jobs and boosting Khmer artistic creation, thanks to “Phare Circus” big top in Siem Reap.

Back in France, I went on producing new shows, organizing European tours, and recently joined “Phare Ponleu Selpak France” association to boost public and private partnerships, in order to improve the quality of training and social support in Cambodia.