Like every year, July marks the opportunity to reward the hard work of our graduates, who have been studying for up to 4 years in Phare Visual and Applied Arts School. We are celebrating the graduates starting a new chapter of their lives and launching their careers in the creative industry. At the same time, we are celebrating and acknowledging the achievements of the teachers, staff and mentors who have invested years into teaching these graduates. Last but not least, we are celebrating their parents and families, who have supported their children through artistic education.

This year is a special one for Phare as it has been 25 years since the project opened its doors to community children and youth to take art classes. Over the years, Phare founders brought life to an organization grounded in values of solidarity, creativity, resilience and above all compassion, strengthening the social values we still carry today. It is approximately 1000 of lives directly impacted for positive change every year through our free artistic and general education and individualized social support.

Thanks to the dedication of the entire Phare team, our Open Days have been a memorable moment! Over two days, we have welcomed more than 350 primary school students from Battambang and beyond in our campus to share and convey our hope, our powerful history and all the bright years to come for Cambodian arts and artists.

These Open Days 2019 have been punctuated by a rich artistic program, featuring a mesmerizing contemporary dance show by Taiwanese and Cambodian artists and the poetic White Gold circus show. Our guests have been carried away by the moves of our hip hop workshops and the reggae beats of Belo Vanthan live concert, while practicing their creative skills with our visual arts students. The 25 years anniversary party arrived right on time to crown the event, shining through the lights of its fire show, fireworks and lanterns release! Thanks to all the participants to make it so special.