In 2014, a section of the old music school fell apart, and for safety reasons the whole building had to be destroyed. Since they don’t have any dedicated space to learn and create, our young musicians find themselves forced to train and perform anywhere they can find some space. They struggle to play and organize jam sessions without disturbing the other classes. Most of the time, they gather under the campus’ big trees, at the mercy of the unpredictable Cambodian weather…

Our music students need a new space to create, perform and collaborate!

That is why we initiated the construction of a brand new building made of five classrooms and a central pavilion stage to perform and gather. The building is made in a sustainable way by the famous architect Stuart Cochin, with two landscape garden corners covered by a bamboo canopy to protect our students from Cambodia’s burning sun and heavy rains.


The construction of the new music school is now finished and the buildings have welcomed our first students and events. Thanks to the support of our generous individual donors, companies, and foundations, the buildings have been completed at a cost of $115 000. But now we need to build a canopy.


Contribute to the funding of the music school and help us change lives through music and arts!

Phare will recognize donors that contribute at least $500 with an official inscription on our wall of benefactors at the very entrance of the new music school for all students and visitors to see. In addition, from $1000, we offer the various naming opportunities listed below:

  • $30,000: Give your name to the central pavilion stage (already taken)
  • $20,000: Give your name to 1 of the 3 classrooms
  • $15,000: Give your name to 1 of the 2 resource rooms
  • $10,000: Give your name to 1 of our 2 lovely landscape garden corners
  • $3,500: Your name engraved on a music instrument (e.g., drum)
  • $1,000: Your name engraved on the stairs (central area)

If you would like to donate more than $10 000 and are interested in tax benefit options, please first contact our fundraising department by email at: Every donation counts and can be easily made through our crowdfunding campaign on


Our students need your support to finally have their own school.

Phare Music School – Figures and story

  • The music curriculum was created in 1996
  • 21 students in our music vocational training in 2018
  • 191 students in traditional, modern and classical music leisure classes in 2018
  • 3 teachers, occasionnally supported by volunteers

Phare’s new Music School project

The design is based on a “Camp de Roulottes” concept, where individual rooms are clustered around an outdoor performing space, with the entire space covered by a bamboo canopy, giving shade and protection from rain. With this new design, the existing trees will be preserved, keeping much needed natural shade. The cluster of rooms create natural niches for students to sit and mingle, while the central space can inspire impromptu practice concerts and be converted to host more formal events. The open spaces also allow for plenty of airflow keeping the rooms naturally ventilated.

Building design has the power to impact the culture on campus, and a space that promotes interactions, creativity and cross discipline collaborations is much needed. In addition to design, a strong message can be sent about the overall vision of the school, which in this case is to embrace future possibilities while taking into consideration environmental impacts.

Stuart Cochlin Architects

Stuart Cochlin Architects have been engaged to rethink and redesign the music school. Stuart Cochlin, the leader of the team, is a UK certified architect. He has been based in Siem Reap for 10 years and embraced design that brings value to projects with sustainable and social responsibility.

Want to keep exciting continuous improvement projects alive at Phare? Donate today and see how your contrbution changes lives through the arts.