Who We Are

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Phare Ponleu Selpak (PPSA) or “The Brightness of the Arts” is a non-profit Cambodian association improving the lives of children, young adults, and their families with art schools, educational programs, and social support since 1994.

The Issues

Today in Battambang, children and families still face many social problems. Children drop out of school, experience domestic violence, drug abuse, and migrate illegally to work in extremely poor conditions in Thailand where they face exploitation and abuse.

Our Solutions

We take a holistic approach to solving social problems through the arts, education, and social work. Phare Ponleu Selpak seeks to provide education, access to the arts,  vocational training, and professional pathways to the children and young adults of our community.

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Visual and Applied Arts School

The Visual and Applied Arts School is the foremost program of its kind in Cambodia. Leisure classes are open to all, introducing children to painting, drawing, and sculpture. The rigorous three year vocational training gives Cambodian youth the chance to build careers in the Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Animation.

Performing Arts School

The Performing Arts School gives local children access to circus, theatre, dance, and music. The four year vocational training provides a pathway to employment as a performer. PPSA alumni have gone on to perform and study Europe, Canada, and the United States. Battambang circus performances are held on campus every week.

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Educational Programs

Our community kindergarten helps our youngest students prepare for public school. All kindergarten classes include drawing and painting. Our community library is open to all with books in Khmer, English, and French. The library offers computer classes, literacy classes, and tutoring. The Child Development Center provides a safe space for children to stay outside school hours. Learn more about the great work being done by our Education Department here.

Social Support

Our Social Support department works to ensure that the children in our community stay in school, live in healthy families, and keep away from drug abuse, domestic violence, and illegal migration. PPSA upholds and protects children’s rights through our Child Protection Program. This program provides children with nutritious lunch, school supplies, stipends, and other forms of support. Dedicated international donors help give our children the tools they need to focus on their studies through our monthly sponsorship program.

Interested in lifting Cambodian children out of poverty? Join our monthly sponsorship program to help us improve the living standards of our community.

phare kindergartenSustainable Artistic Development

PPSA is working to build a sustainable artistic community within Cambodia. To that end, we offer solid employment opportunities for our graduates through our social enterprise partners. Our professional enterprise, Phare, The Cambodian Circus in Siem Reap provides career pathways for our circus performers and musicians. The newly opened Phare Creative Studios is a Cambodian Graphic Design and Animation studio. Learn more about how we support the arts in Cambodia through our Phare Family.