Do you want to be a Guinness World Record Breaker?

And help Phare survive the pandemic?

Then please join us on March 6 & 7 for our thrilling virtual gala and record-breaking Longest Circus Peformance Ever!

We want you to join us for ONE EXCITING HOUR, where you’ll get an online “front row seat” for part of the record-breaking performance, see exciting and intimate interviews with Phare artists, be dazzled by celebrity guest appearances, enjoy fun prize draws and more. Everyone who takes part will become a Guinness World Record Holder and receive a personalised digital certificate.
By taking part in this thrilling and FREE event, you’ll help us keep our life-saving and life-changing education and culture programmes alive.


Worldwide! Settle down comfortably in front of your screen, at the most convenient hour in your time zone. There will be two repeated gala events to make sure as many people as possible can enjoy.


Phare Phare Ponleu Selpak was founded more than a quarter of a century ago, by nine Cambodians, who grew up in a refugee camp after surviving the genocide of the Khmer Rouge, and their French arts teacher. Resilience and hope has been in Phare’s DNA from the very beginning, and from a simple arts school it blossomed into the multi-faceted creative hub it is today.
Phare educates and trains thousands of children and youth who come from challenging backgrounds. Most receive a mainstream education which helps them thrive as adults, but others become artists, performers and musicians who keep Cambodia’s creative culture alive after its almost total destruction by the Khmer Rouge. We offer them social support, education and arts programs so they can build their future and support their families through creative careers.
More information about us is available here.


Over the years we have sought not to rely on handouts for our work and reached 60% financial self-sustainability through ticket sales to our celebrated and famous circus. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down our performances and left us with a dramatic shortfall. Today we are very concerned about our community and the most vulnerable who depend on our support on a daily basis. We need to raise money to keep our life-saving, life-changing programmes alive during this crisis.


For those who you would like to be in the audience for our Guinness World Record attempt in Battambang, please email us at, we’d love to welcome you.


It is FREE to attend and we encourage everyone to spread the word and join.

We’d love to have you onboard!

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#1 How can I join the event?

Everything is online so you can join us from the comfort of your own home! Sign up on the Attendify virtual event platform here: and we’ll see you at the gala! Everyone who signs up will be entered into a draw to win some fabulous prizes – we’ll announce the winners live at the gala!

#2 What time should I join?
We’re hosting two galas so we can cover EVERY timezone! Here are the start times from where you are;

US and Canada
Saturday 6th March 7pm (PST) / 9pm (CST)

Sunday 7th March 2pm (CET) / 1pm (GMT)
*French speakers – join us at 1.30pm for an introduction from our Paris team

Sunday 7th March 10am or 8pm (ICT)

Sunday 7th March 1.30pm (ACDT)

#3 How can I find out more about the event?
You can get all the latest information and follow our updates on social media! Check out the Facebook event here or follow the hashtag #PhareGala2021 on Twitter and Instagram. Help us spread the word by sharing our posts and inviting your friends.

#4 What is the Guinness World Record event and how is it connected?
In conjunction with the virtual galas, we’re also competing for the World Record title of ‘Longest Circus Show Ever’! We want to really put Cambodia on the map, showcasing the extraordinary talent of our students and inspiring the next generation of Cambodians while we raise money to survive. Officially endorsed by Guinness World Records, our young performers will be putting on a circus extravaganza from our ‘Big Top Tent’ in Battambang, Western Cambodia for 24 hours and one minute over the course of the weekend. Don’t worry though, you’ll be getting a FRONT ROW SEAT all the way from our ‘Big Top’, right to your screen! The 24-hour live of circus marathon will be live on our YouTube channel from 7th March 8am (ICT) till 8th March 8:01am (ICT).

#5 Is it true I’ll become a record-breaker?
Yes! By joining the virtual audience for our World Record attempt you’re helping us achieve this title! As a thank you for your support and participation as an audience member, we’ll send you a digital certificate highlighting YOU as a record-breaker. Already in Battambang that weekend? Get in touch with us at and join us at the ‘Big Top’ for a free seat at the marathon

#6 Why does Phare need to raise money?
COVID-19 has hit us hard. Circus performances were cancelled for most of the year, while tourism isn’t expected to recover for several years. 60% of funding was wiped out and this threatens the future not just of our performing and creative arts schools, but also the mainstream education provided to hundreds of children a year. We need to raise the funds to keep our life-saving programmes going into 2021.

#7 How will the funds be used?
Your donations will help us to support the hundreds of students and the local communities who rely on us every day. Whether it’s a small donation of $20 to buy new dance shoes for a young performer, or a large donation of $10k to cover five annual scholarships for the most disadvantaged students, these funds will be used to keep our students in school and keep Phare thriving.

#8 Do I have to donate if I want to watch?
No – this event is completely FREE. Donations are 100% voluntary.

#9 How much of the money will go to Phare and how much of it are you giving to the event hosts or your donation provider?
Thanks to our generous sponsors, we have covered the costs of this event so all of your donations will be going directly to Phare. Our donation providers take an average of a 7% cut of all donations, however we account for this through our monthly running costs.

#10 How can I support the cause if I can’t join the event?
Even if you can’t join us, we’d love your support to help us spread the word! Invite your friends and family and share the link so they can sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime event! If you’d like to donate to our cause and help us keep Phare’s flame burning bright into 2021, you can do so any time here: