The Visual and Applied Art School in Battambang is a first of its kind, high-quality, vocational art school offering everything from casual childrens art classes to professional training in graphic design, visual arts, and animation. VAAS seeks to contribute to a successful shift between the current agricultural economy and the industry and tertiary-based economy of Cambodia’s future.

Access to solid, lasting employment is a core goal of the Visual and Applied Arts School. To secure solid jobs for our graduates, we have relationships with  over 40 companies around Cambodia, and the professional Phare Creative Studios is located on campus.


  • VAAS Student Graphic DesignGraphic design / Design layout, graphics, corporate identity, illustration.
  • Animation / Traditional and digital 2D
  • Visual arts
    • Image: drawing / painting / photography / video
    • Object: volume / sculpture / design
    • Space: installation / scenography / multi-media

The various classes and levels at the School of Visual and Applied Arts have been designed to cater to students of all ages and backgrounds, from the smallest children to young adults with professional aspirations.

VAAS offers four distinct levels of artistic trainings:

  1. Leisure classes allow the youngest students to explore their lives through art classes in a somewhat formal setting.
  2. Academic classes are for inexperienced young adults who want to discover the world of art and begin building some skills in a relaxed setting.
  3. Preparatory is a one year course intended to give students the skills needed to pass the entrance exam and begin the professional training course.
  4. Vocational Education & Technical Training is a three year program in which students discover the three disciplines: graphic design, animation, and visual art. All students over the age of 17 may take the entrance exam to enroll in this course.