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KAN Chanthorn, Animation Student

I am a student in Animation class and I believe in my ability to work locally in Cambodia. I have the opportunity of a career in the arts and the ability to freelance, choosing and prioritizing a job based on my interest. Young people should study at PPS because students will become professional artists based on the skill that they have selected. I am confident that I can get a good job after graduation.



SON Sreyneang, Animation Graduate

I am very happy at VAAS, I feel like it is my home and I feel very welcome. Teachers are high quality and I can choose my skill, there are a lot of skills to choose from. A creative job in Animation is a very rare skill in Cambodia, which means that when you know this skill you are a priority in the job market. It is also a job that I love and I never feel bored. I want more students to join the program. It would be good to have more students in the next generation of artists.



LIM Sreyleang, Graduate and Freelance Designer

I began my career in design while I was also in accounting school. Once I finished my degree at university, I came to VAAS full time. When I came here for the first time, I found my family, not just friends. We study together, we do everything together. When we have problems we always sort it out. It is not just the skill that you study and find a job. It is a job of talent. When you have freedom to go outside the lines, you will create something new.