S’Art Urban Art Event, with FinDAC!

Anaphyabal – Guardian, Mother, Protector looks after our campus

For the very first time, Battambang was the theatre of an international urban art festival, S’Art Urban Art Event, hosted on our campus in Battambang from the 5th to the 11th of November 2018.

Acclaimed Irish mural artist Fin DAC decided to stay a week with us and painted a monumental mural painting on the façade of our main circus hall, representing a traditional Apsara dancer.

At the same time, French and Argentinian street artists Marlène d’Angelo, Arthur Serfaty and Martin Privateira (alias ROMA) also took part in a week of hip hop, graffiti and mural painting, stencils and face painting workshops in collaboration with our local teachers, students, graduates and community members.

On Sunday 11th of November, the week of workshops and artistic collaborations culminated with a community event revealing the murals with a fusion of traditional Apsara and hip-hop dances, circus tricks, live painting, body painting and fun activities for all.

A huge thank you to Tribe Urban Art Gallery in Siem Reap for their support and collaboration in bringing this beautiful festival at an international level by contacting, inviting and sponsoring Fin DAC visit in Battambang. Thanks to their initiative and support, this event and all the benefits from the printed versions of his beautiful artwork will benefit to Phare Ponleu Selpak, and support the education and sscholarship of our Visual and Applied Arts students.


Fin DAC, originally Finbarr Notte was born in Cork (Ireland), but lives and works in London. He started making street art in 2008. DAC is an acronym for Dragon Armoury Creative. His combination of traditional portrait techniques and stencils crosses the boundaries of conventional street art. He uses stencils to make the outlines like a painter would use the photograph as an inspiration for canvas work. After he puts on the templates, he fills in the outlines by hand, using aerosol. Thismethod gives his murals a blissful appearance and more dramatic shading.

The women he portrays are the real girls, who he met on various occasions. Their beauty is more than just the looks. He portrays them in ethnic clothing, with distinctive makeup and stylish jewellery, pointing out the significant appeal of variety. They come from different countries, with different styles, and everything that they represent plays a large role in Fin DAC’s artistic journey. The one thing this artist never revealed is the origin and the meaning of the masks the women are always wearing. The masks are painted with color splashes that usually complement the entire appearance. He paints caucasian, black and Asian women, stressing out the authentic appeal all these women have, fighting against the stereotypes and giving them the opportunity to display their personal characteristics without prejudiced assumptions.

The other international urban art artists :

Marlène D’Angelo : https://www.instagram.com/m_dangeloo/
Arthur Serfaty : https://www.instagram.com/arthurserfaty/
Martin Privateira (ROMA) : www.flickr.com/rojoroma