Meet Reaksmy, Outstanding Student of the Year

In September, three child club members from eight Cambodian NGOs were invited to join a two-day workshop about Child’s Rights and Child Advocate Network.

Reaksmy, a 17-year-old dance student at Phare Ponleu Selpak was chosen to be the Provincial Child Advocate Network leader.. She also participated in a workshop in December about the National Child Advocate Network in Siem Reap province, where she was selected as the Network treasurer. Currently in 10th grade, she is the Child Club Leader and she was awarded Outstanding Student of the Year thanks to her involvement, solidarity and school results.

“Being a leader of Phare’s Child Club is very important for me. It is a huge opportunity to help other children, especially by raising problems such as school dropouts, immigration, labor and drug abuse, alcoholism, child trafficking and health sanitation guidelines,” she explains.

The young girl has been studying traditional dance for over 7 years. She is one of many students that are a part of the Social Sponsorship Program, which provides her lunch, a bicycle and a monthly stipends. It allows her to study in good conditions.

“It is so important to raise these issues to the authorities and community leaders in order to help all children overcome their difficulties. I hope that my engagement in the Child Club will inspire the other children to reach for a bright future, become good students and contribute to the development of our nation,” says Reaksmy.

Her goal for the next two years: to work harder in high school and get the top grade. Additionally, as she is also passionate about dancing, she expects to become a professional traditional dancer and teacher!