Meet Channak, Kindergarten student’s parent

ChanNak is one of our beloved community members and Kindergarten’s parent. She is in charge of 3 children, including 2 young little girls who are going to our Kindergarten every school day. One day, after she picked up her little girls after school, she agreed to reply to a few of our questions.

Why did you register your kids to the Kindergarten?

I heard that Phare Ponleu Selpak recently opened a Kindergarten with very good trained teachers. I would like my children to be well-educated, polite, open-minded and braver, so they’ll have a better chance to succeed in their lives.

What change in their behavior and in your lives since they started studying at Phare Ponleu Selpak?

I am so happy because they are politer, they respect their elders and listen to people’s advice. I really appreciate the teachers for their hard work and for the time they take to teach them how to be good citizens and role models. They are also more independent, creative and like more and more to draw, paint and exercise. I also have more time for myself, and I don’t have to take them with me at work. They spend all day with people dedicated only to their education. It is actually better for all of us because they are feeling good, learn a lot, and I can use my free time to work, earn more money and relax!

What will your children do after Kindergarten?

They will continue to study at primary school. I also would like them to study at Phare at the same time. For the moment, they are both very good at dancing, but they can change their mind and decide to study another performing or visual art. It would be amazing if they can become famous artists, earn a living, support the family and fulfill their dreams!


Our Kindergarten program provides free education in line with the international standards to around 250 children from 3 to 6 years old every year. All of our Kindergarten teachers have received intensive training in order to provide a high-quality education including arts initiation classes to the children and a wide range of courses to help them grow up, learn and blossom in a safe, creative and nurturing environment.