Joining Forces to Clean Up Our World

Last September, Phare Ponleu Selpak participated in the most powerful “green wave” in the world: the “World Clean-up Day 2018”! The purpose? Standing up against the global trash problem, raising awareness and cleaning-up our direct environment. On that day, millions of volunteers from all over the world – 150 countries – are united in this big civic action.

In Battambang, Phare Ponleu Selpak’s students, members of the Child Club, teachers, staff joined the team of Plastic Free Cambodia and took action together to clean the streets, canal, schools and campus in order to show the example and to encourage citizens to be more socially responsible for the environment.

Four of our students gave us their opinion about the importance of living in a clean and healthy environment, and their solutions and ideas to save the planet from trash!

Sovannara, 13, 7th grade, Theatre

Rich or poor, everyone needs a clean environment to be in good shape and good health. That is why I would like Battambang to be as clean as possible, so more visitors will come to visit our beautiful city and campus!



Chakryia, 12, 6th grade, Theatre and Dance

I want to encourage people to take care of their environment by asking them: do you like the planet you live on? If so, keep it clean and healthy for the future and for your beloved ones.



Sokmean, 16, Theatre

It is great to participate in an event that takes place all around the world with my friends and teachers. If we keep our households and schools clean and beautiful, we will be happier and healthier.



Sokporolin, 14, 8th grade, Theatre

Protecting the planet and getting rid of trash starts with you… Don’t ignore the rubbish, just pick it, put it in a garbage can and encourage others to do the same.