Hundreds of children celebrated International Children’s Day in Cambodia at the Phare campus

As June 1st marks the 70th International Children’s Day in Cambodia, we celebrated all kids at our campus on May 31st. After the formal presentations and reading of the message by the Prime Minister of Cambodia, all children, parents and teachers enjoyed traditional dance performances by the young Performing Arts School students. The children also engaged in several games, filling the venue with joyful laughter.


Our Education Department hosted the Children’s Day celebration, meticulously planned for the attention of the over 200 young kindergarten children. Parents watched as their children marched in line to their seats, all very proud to be celebrating themselves. The official message by the Prime Minister of Cambodia emphasized the importance of child protection and accessibility to education for all. Our Executive Director, through a magic trick demonstrated to the children the power they have in them to succeed. For 25 years, Phare has been ensuring that children get access to education, health, support, play and nutrition, while being kept safe. This day, in addition, we committed to a healthier environment for the future of our children by making our campus a Styrofoam and single use plastic free campus.

After the couple speeches aimed mostly towards the adults, the children were treated to performances by the young Performing Arts School students. Most were amazed, and it was very moving to watch them dreaming be on stage one day. And it is easily possible! Phare has a broad leisure arts program providing opportunities for kids of all ages to learn dance, music, theatre, circus and visual arts close to their home, all for free!

Traditional dance shows called “Coconut dance” and “Bopha Lokey dance” are regularly enjoyed by the circus show visitors, and this day by our youngest students – to be motivated and choose arts as their future career.

After the performances the children were invited to join in having fun together playing games with parents, teachers and staff – a couple hours of pure smiling and laughing during school hours.

It was a day celebrating children, without studying, lessons and homework. After this joyous day kids always say: “We want every day like this.” And that is what the Phare family works for every single day – to make every day the best day in their life. And this is where you can join us by supporting our activities with as much as you can. Every bit helps!