Exhibition in Paris : Phare, The Brightness of the Arts

In Paris in May? From the 4th to the 26th of May, don’t miss the exhibition Phare, The Brightness of the Arts, showcasing the artworks of some graduate artists from Phare Ponleu Selpak’s Visual Arts School…

All of them tell us about their own stories and express their indignation, joyful moments and sorrows through their paintings, drawings and sculptures. Their artworks are talking about their past and sometimes, symbolically, the history of Cambodia. They also have an artistic vision on the evolution of their country and the way it changes. In that way, they are the new wave of Cambodian contemporary art.

They have in common the brightness of the arts, raised in them since they studied on Phare Ponleu Selpak campus in Battambang, Cambodia.

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The artists:
SREY Bandaul, RIN Sophat, PEN Robit, KHCHAO Touch, BOR Hak, HOUR Seyha, MIL Chankrim, NGETH Chanpenh, SIN Rithy, CHHOEUN Channy, PRAK Ke, LONG Kosal, ROEUN Sokhom

The location:
Impressions gallery
17 rue Meslay – 75 003 Paris
Metro République or Temple – [email protected] – 01 42 76 00 26
Opening hours : Wednesday 6pm – 9pm / Saturday 2pm – 8pm

The schedule:
04 May – 19h – 21h : exhibition opening
5, 9 & 12 May : live carving by the Cambodian artist Bor Hak ( 5th and 12th May, live carving from 2pm to 5pm. On 9th May live carving from 6pm to 9pm.)
23 May : literary encounter with Cambodian Living Arts
26 May : closing of the exhibition

Contact :
Phare Ponleu Selpak France – [email protected] – 06 47 24 38 26

This exhibition takes place in Paris as part of the festival Cambodge, d’Hier à Aujourd’hui, a month of cultural and artistic celebrations. Click on the link below to see the full programme: http://www.seasonofcambodia.org/. Or follow the last news on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SeasonofCambodia/.