Feb 06 2021


7:00 am - 8:30 pm


5$ Adults, 2.5$ Childs


Phumstyle is the tale of a young man who returns to his village after living in the big city. He helps to modernize his village after learning new ideas for improvement. The villagers are keen to follow his lead to help their households and country. However, not everyone approves of these new ideas. It is a story depicting love, change, and the effects of the city life on the lives in rural Cambodia. At the core of it all, the young man represents the moral lesson of returning to your home roots to contribute back to your community to share the gained lessons and wealth.

*The EU has been co-funding the show since 2014, but the creation was born in 2008.

All Battambang Circus shows include a short traditional Cambodian dance performance before the show.

Arrive early to visit our Fine Art Gallery, to shop in our Boutique filled with beautiful products made by our very own students and artists, and to grab a drink and snacks from our Café!