Feb 13 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


5$ Adults, 2.5$ Childs

Cabaret Neang Neat

A couple, Neat and her husband Duong, live happily in a small village. When giving birth Neat passes away while her husband is working away from home. Because of their true love, Neat turns into a ghost waiting for her husband to come home. After his return, he lives with her not realizing that she was long dead. Upset by the fact that the villagers were trying to tell her husband the truth, she turns into an angry ghost haunting the villagers. One early morning, the husband realized the truth. He gets very anxious and seeks help from villagers and an old witch, who finally chases the ghost away. Phare Battambang Circus will show this human and ghost love story presented by its talented circus and music students.”