Angkor Wat Animation

The animation program at VAAS brings together basic drawing skills with illustration and design to create beautiful 2D films. Students in the vocational training program have the opportunity to create their own animation, giving them the portfolio and skills needed to enter the field as professionals.

Preparatory Year

  • Students 16 and over
  • A one year course for students interested in enrolling in the vocational training program
  • Classes are offered in the mornings and evenings
  • Courses include: model, art expression, art history, color documentary, illustration, drawing, and perspective

Vocational Education & Technical Training

This three-year course allows students wishing to become professional artists to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to find employment in the arts industry. Students can choose from one of three disciplines: visual arts, graphic design, and animation. The animation curriculum is as follows:

Year 1:

  • Multidisciplinary year, where students take courses in all three disciplines, alongside a core curriculum
  • Core curriculum includes: model, writing, volume, perspective, Khmer art, art history, color/painting/illustration and photo/video.
  • Introduction to animation is taught in year one, encompassing the basics of character design and illustration.

Year 2Cambodian Animation Student

  • Students choose their specialization of visual art, graphic design, or animation.
  • Common Core: illustration, communication, photoshop, character design, layout, art history, photography, video, color technique, model structure, English
  • Animation Specialization: animation, flash, storyboard, after effects

Year 3

  • Students complete a two-month internship related to their specialty between year 2 and 3
  • First trimester: students follow specialized lessons on skills required for their chosen discipline. Research also begins at this time.
  • Trimester 2 & 3: working with a staff mentor, students complete their own personal projects.

Animation students graduate with a portfolio including at least one animation film of their own creation, as well as skills and knowledge to work as a professional in 2D animation studios around the world. Graduates have gone on to become teachers and to work with our professional animation and design studio: Phare Creative Studio.