XAVIER DUPRÉ/ TYPOGRAPHER/ CALLIGRAPHER / GRAPHIC DESIGNER Xavier Dupré is French and graduated from an applied art school in Paris, Kwon as typographer and calligrapher. He won consecutively the certificates of excellent typography in New York and Tokyo’s type director’s club. It was a great privilege for the students and VAAS team to have the opportune occasion to […]


 Welcome to the inauguration of the VAAS Building at Phare Ponleu Selpak. “INVITATION” Inauguration event for the Visual and Applied Arts building at Phare Ponleu Selpak! PPS is thrilled to announce the opening of its new building, co-funded by AFD and CCFD This building is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that will enable students to gain […]

New Class in VAAS

Welcome back after a long vacation, we are proud to share the information of our new class in VAAS. We are gradually reaching our goal, we get more and more new students to attend the specialty classes. After admission test has been completed and the classes have begun we were amazed by the high potential […]

Ministry visiting

August is a honorable month for us , We were honored by the visit of His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport. We enthusiastically hosted them a tour around the campus and demonstrated the class activities . There was a fruitful meeting after the visit. Once again It was a […]


Mr Hun Mengheing is currently a master degree students at the University of Easter Finland majoring in lifelong learning and adult education. He experienced in exchange program oversea. Coming to intern in Cambodia just to share his experience on how he has become who he is nowadays. His accidental arrival at VAAS School objected in […]

Chan Pagna / Technician

Chan Pagna is a student currently majoring in animation in a well-known educational establishment called Pivaut applied arts school in Nantes, France. He worked at VAAS during his summer vacation as a technician and helped organize the one-month teachers’ training session. This is his the second training session he provides for VAAS in a wide […]

Open Day Festival at VAAS

  Open Day Festival at VAAS is an annual event put on each June. We are happy to invite all the public to attend. The aim of the festival is to promote our activities and show our donors how we use the funding. It is a chance for all the students in VAAS to show […]

Michel Van Zeveren / Child’s book Illustrator & author

  We had the pleasure of welcoming children’s books author and illustrator Michel Van Zeveren at VAAS/Phare Ponleu Selpak on June 10th and 11th, 2015. Invited to Phnom Penh by the French Institute in Cambodia to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his publishing house (l’Ecole des Loisirs), Michel Van Zeveren came all the way to Battambang to run three workshops […]


  The traditional Khmer art is part of the foundations taught VAAS for all students in Year 1 and preparatory classes. Our teacher Sou Sophy is involved in both teaching traditional Khmer art and color theory. She called for a 1 week workshop with a talented teacher specializing in ornamental and traditional Khmer painting, Nhem […]


លោកស្រីហ្វា Siwei ពីសាលាសិល្បៈនៅប្រទេសសិង្ហបុរីនេះ (SOTA) បានជួបជាមួយលោក Vincent Buso នាយកសិល្បៈគំនូរនិងសិល្បៈសាលាអនុវត្តរបស់អង្គការហ្វាពន្លឺសិល្បៈដើម្បីផ្តល់ជូននូវអំណោយមួយនៃឧបករណ៍សិល្បៈដែលមានតម្លៃ 2000 ដុល្លារ! លោកស្រី Siwei និងក្រុមនិស្សិតមកពីប្រទេសសិង្ហបុរីកាលពីឆ្នាំមុនបានទៅទស្សនា PPS លើកឡើងនៃការផ្លាស់ប្តូរសម្រាប់កម្មវិធីវប្បធម៌។ ពួកគេបានឃើញតម្រូវការបន្ទាន់របស់សិស្សនៅ PPS លើកនិងបានសម្រេចចិត្តដើម្បីទិញសម្ភារៈនៅក្នុងប្រទេសសិង្ហបុរីសម្រាប់យើង។ សូមអរគុណអ្នក SOTA! ———————————————————— Ms. Fang Siwei from the School of the Arts, Singapore (SOTA) met with Vincent Buso, Director of Visual Arts and Applied Arts School of Phare Ponleu Selpak to deliver a donation of visual arts equipment worth […]