Art History Conference with Pascal Bonafoux

Whole group from art history conference PascalOn the 19th of December 2016, the Visual and Applied Art School welcomed art historian Pascal Bonafoux to offer his expertise to our students in a conference on the portraiture of Giotto Di Bondone. This conference was part of our art history education program at VAAS.

The professional program at VAAS is dedicated to providing Cambodian youth with the skills and knowledge they need to enter the growing arts field as qualified professionals. Whether their interests are in animation, graphic design, or fine art, our graduates will be capable to take on the challenges of this growing field.

Beyond the technical knowledge, we also believe that an artist should be firmly rooted by in art’s origins and art history. Art history provides points of comparison, inspiration, and deepens the artists understanding of their craft.

Students at art history conferenceMr. Bonafoux is an art historian and professor at the University of Paris, in France. As an author and lecturer on paintings of the 14th century, he is well qualified to share the lessons of art history with our curious students.

The conference focused on the art of Giotto Di Bondone, or Giotto, a 14th century painter most well-known for his portraiture. By some accounts, the portraits of Giotto are responsible for the rebirth of portraiture as an art form during the subsequent renaissance period.

We hope this added knowledge of the portraiture of Giotto will help to inspire and encourage our students as they continue their artistic education. Thank you very much to Mr. Pascal Bonafoux, and we hope to see you again soon at Phare Ponleu Selpak.